• 15 Kind Hearted Celebrities. Number 8 Will surprise You. (15 Images)

    The general impression that we have of celebrities is that they are incredibly selfish because they earn billions of dollars and the life that they enjoy is a dream for many, yet they do not have the heart to be kind to others even though a lot of people love them. The fact is that […]

    Josephine Skriver shows off her beach volleyball skills as Victoria’s Secret models shoot (13 Images)

    Josephine Skriver volleyball

    If you think that your day wasn’t going well, and it was just sucking. Then don’t you worry because we have certain pictures which would make you feel like that you are the luckiest person in this entire world? Now you all know Josephine Skriver, and in case you don’t know her, well you just […]

    He Wore A Tacky Dress To His Friend’s Funeral (17 Images)

    neon dress

    There are some friends that you hold so close to your heart that you just become inseparable from them and you both spend so much time with each other. Well that was the case for Barry Delaney and Kevin Elliott who have been friends with each other since 2005, Elliot’s sister introduced both of them, […]

    20 Creepy Photos That Will Make You Believe In The Paranormal (20 Images)

    ghost sighted in pictures

    There are certain events and happenings which happen and that just make you mind to be completely shut down because that is the time when you don’t realize that what is going on with you. like if it’s your mind playing games on you or is it actually happening for real. And here we have […]

    20 Nightclub Photos That Will Make You Glad You Stayed Home (20 Images)

    So there was an evil person who was present at the club, and he thought that wouldn’t it’ll be great that if he takes a picture of the mass gathering in the club. Well because you know that the people who go to the club are just there partying. And since they are just so […]

    20 Times The Cameraman Got More That He Expected (20 Images)

    Usually, when a picture is clicked, it means that you are ready because that’s when the person holding the camera or if you are the person who is taking your selfie takes a picture when you are this picture perfect ready. But there are sometimes when an image is clicked while the people on the […]